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Studying in silence can be boring, tiring, and tedious. Still, while that may be the case, studying with music has its disadvantages, too. Learn what they are with the post below.

Why You Shouldn't Study With Music

It May Distract You

If you've ever debated listening to music when studying, the first 'con' that popped into your head was probably that music can distract you. And it's true: loud, high tempo music with complicated lyrics will sway your attention away from your school subjects.

It Can Affect Your Mood Negatively

A happy song comes on and you feel happy. A sad song comes on and you feel sad. These moods swings can be dangerous when studying. This is because, if the wrong song comes one, you may feel stressed or distraught, which won't make you eager to continue working on your academics.

It Can Lead to More Mistakes

When performing mechanical tasks, music can be a great helper, as it will help you focus more. Still, if you're working on more complicated things, like learning a new lesson, music can lead to confusion and more mistakes, which is not what you want in that situation.

It Can Result in Poor Time Management

As a final 'con', as stated above, listening to music can be very distracting, which could lead to confusion and mistakes. This means that, to learn effectively, you will have to spend more time working on the tasks at hand than if you were to do it in complete silence.

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