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With the situation the world is going through, it's likely that you're trying to find activities to keep your child busy at home. A great and easy alternative is encouraging them to solve jigsaw puzzles. Not only are they a fun way to pass the time, but they can also benefit your child in a few different ways. To learn what benefits puzzle solving can bring your child, continue reading.

How Solving Puzzles Helps Your Child

  1. For starters, building a puzzle can help your child on an emotional level. This is because to complete a puzzle, they will need to exercise their patience and persistence. If they see it through, they will also get a sense of accomplishment and a confidence boost. Plus, if they build the puzzle with someone else, they will also develop their social abilities and they'll learn to work in teams.
  2. In order to build a puzzle correctly, you need a certain level of dexterity and hand-eye coordination. For example, when grabbing the puzzle pieces, when handling them and arranging them, when laying them down, and more. That's how puzzle building can help your child on a physical level.
  3. Lastly, your child could benefit from puzzling on a cognitive level. This is because, to finish a puzzle effectively, they need to plan what they'll do, focus on the task at hand, solve problems that arise, and respond to visual stimuli adequately.

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