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It's understandable: after some time sitting in a classroom, it can be easy to lose your concentration. However, if you feel this lack of attention is interfering with your learning experience, follow the tips below to increase your focus in the classroom.

How to Pay Attention in Class

  1. It can be very hard to focus and learn if you're hungry or tired. That's why the first step is to try your best to remain healthy.
  2. If a million different thoughts are running through your head before class starts, prepare your mind to focus, so they won't distract you.
  3. And speaking of distractions, be sure to put away anything that may divert your attention from your classes (e.g. your cell phone or a game).
  4. Believe it or not, where you sit can affect your learning experience. Choose a seat near the front and center of the classroom, and away from windows, doors, and friends, so your focus can stay with the teacher.
  5. How you sit can also influence your learning experience. Sit up straight and facing forward to be more receptive to your lessons.
  6. If you're constantly getting lost with what the teacher is saying, take notes to improve your concentration and your ability to follow their teachings.
  7. It's also highly suggested that you participate in class. Doing so will help you have a more interesting and enriching learning experience, as well as a higher attention span.
  8. Lastly, if you can't focus, at least avoid distracting your peers.

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