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There is no class that focuses exclusively on mastering the art of note taking. Being able to take notes is a skill that every student should take some time to develop. Not only will it make your notebook easier to understand, it will make your studying sessions more productive. Here are some tips to improve your note taking skills.

Pay Attention to the Board

When your teacher writes down something on the board, it’s most likely something you should be writing down too. This is true even more so when it comes to dates or formulas.

Use Keywords

If you try to write down everything the teacher is saying, you’ll get lost in the lesson. Listen for keywords and write them down in short sentences. You can later work to expand your notes at home if you wish.

Develop Your Style

Sometimes your teacher’s writing style isn’t the right one for you. Try out different note taking methods until you find something that suits you. Perhaps you are a more graphic or colorful person, as opposed to just words and a black pen kind of person. Knowing about your learning style can help you create more personalized notes.

Compare Your Notes

Two heads work better than one, so ask your classmates to compare notes. You might find some information that you’ve missed.

Tutoring in Sebring for Better Notes

The Tutoring Center, Sebring FL has a variety of tutoring programs that can help you be a better student. Tutoring in Sebring will help you find new ways to take notes, which can be beneficial for all subjects at school. Call The Tutoring Center, Sebring FL at (863) 269-8977 to learn about their programs. Remember to schedule a free diagnostic assessment online too.


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