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We all have them: habits that get in the way with our personal development, with our goals, with what we want to be, and more. From smoking to biting your nails, bad habits are common among students. Still, why it may seem challenging to leave them behind, it absolutely can be done. You just need to follow the tips below for guidance on how to do it.

How to Break a Bad Habit

  1. Start by identifying correctly what your bad habit is, as it is with that information that you can take better decisions to break it. Learn what your habit entails, what triggers it, if it's related to anxiety, or other.
  2. And while you're on the subject of learning more about it, figure out the consequences it can bring. If you procrastinate with your homework, it can result in you feeling more tired and performing poorly in school. This may be enough to make you want to change.
  3. Speaking of changing, a great tactic is to replace your bad habit with a better one. Do you bite your nails? Do five push-ups every time you get the urge to. This simple switcheroo will help you break your bad habit, at the same time as you build a better one.
  4. Finally, ask for help. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the process, turn to your friends and family (and even a professional) for guidance, support, or a helping hand.

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