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How you express yourself and how you understand others is deeply influenced by your mastery over the English vocabulary. To learn how you can improve yours, read the following post.

How to Build on Your Vocabulary

  1. To learn new words, you first need to find new words. The best way to do this...

Knowing how to spell can allow you to communicate much more effectively through the written word. If your child has a challenging time with their spelling skills, following the tips below can help them in this respect.

How to Help Your Child Develop Their Spelling Skills

  1. First of all,...

An organized student is one who will keep better track of their scholarly duties, and as a result, have a more successful learning experience. For tips on how you can help your child organize their backpack, continue reading.

How to Help Your Child Organize Their Backpack

  1. For starters, try to...
It's understandable: after some time sitting in a classroom, it can be easy to lose your concentration. However, if you feel this lack of attention is interfering with your learning experience, follow the tips below to increase your focus in the classroom.

How to Pay Attention in Class

  1. It can...
If you’re planning on going to college you’re already aware that most schools require you to take a standardized test. You have two options: the SAT and the ACT.

The Right Test Can Get You Into Your Dream School

So, you want to go to college and decided to take a standardized test. Now your next...
Wondering how you can prevent your child from falling victim of the summer slide? By keeping them busy, of course! Here are some tips to keep your child’s mind active this summer.

Say Goodbye to the Summer Slide

The dreaded summer slide is a phenomenon that happens every summer when students...
Preparing for standardized test requires planning and tons of studying. On the day of the exam, you need to have a strategy. Try these tips.

How to Take Your Standardized Test Successfully

If you’ve decided to take your SAT or another test, you must already be on your way to preparing for your...
Practicing your times tables and solving equations isn't the only way you can improve your mental math abilities. Here are some easy things you can do to gain better skills.

Powerful Brain = Better Math Skills

Ever been to a restaurant with your friends and had to take out your calculator to...
If you’re still wondering whether you should take the SAT or not, you might be interested in learning about some of the benefits of taking the exam. Here you’ll find four.

Are You Hesitant About Taking the SAT?

For some students taking the SAT is simply in their plans. It’s an obvious step in...
Brain power is significantly affected by dehydration, making it hard for your child to work in school. Here's how water can affect your child's learning.

Your child’s brain power and ability to concentrate can be affected by many things. Their lack of sleep, their stress levels, their daily...


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