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For most students, back-to-school season isn't their favorite. Still, if you're feeling anxiety because of it, read the post below to learn how to overcome it.

How to Ease Back-to-School Nerves

  1. The first tip is to enjoy your summer break to the fullest. Having fun, learning new things, travelling, and taking time for yourself may make you more eager and less nervous to return to school.
  2. Nerves can stem from the fact that you feel unprepared to go back. To take control of the situation, simply prepare for your return: gather your supplies, pack your backpack, and pick an outfit.
  3. Continuing with how to counteract the feeling of being unprepared, study your notes. Doing so will refresh your knowledge in your mind, which will make you more equipped to face the new academic challenges.
  4. If you get a sense that your anxiety is growing, talk to others. Simply venting about your feelings and thoughts can help. Your friends and family can also share tips on how to overcome those feelings. If needed, you could even talk to a psychologist for tips.
  5. For when you're feeling your anxiety is getting the best of you, you should try different relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises, yoga, or walking, to channel your nervous energy.
  6. More importantly of all, try to stay positive. Find a silver lining, trust in your own abilities, and stray away from negative thoughts.

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