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A properly-managed planner can do wonders for your academic efforts. To learn how to employ this useful tool during this new school year, read the post below.

How to Manage a Planner for School

  1.  The first step is to find the right planner for your needs: it should be big enough, portable, have the dates on it, and have a design you like.
  2. Since your planner will hold all of your reminders for you, you need to carry it with you everywhere. This way, you can open it up and note down a new reminder before you forget it.
  3. Speaking of which, you not only need to carry your planner, but you need to use it, too. Write down everything you want to be reminded of (homework, big projects, events, and more).
  4. One way to make your planner easier to understand is to use different tools for it. For example, you can make certain notes stand out with highlighter or colored pens.
  5. If you want to start relying on your planner more, you need to review it often. For instance, you can check it at the beginning and end of the day, to see what you have to do for the day and to reassure you did everything.
  6. Finally, you will need to update your planner consistently. Cross off what you have completed, add more details to your tasks as you get them, and more, so your planner is as reliable as possible.

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