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Memorization is elemental to doing great in school and life in general. There are many tricks you can try to get better at memorizing information. The ability to retain plenty of information in school is certainly one every student wishes they had. A good memory will not only boost their scores, it can help them throughout their whole life. Keep reading this post to find some great tips to improve your memorization skills.

The Learning Process

When you’re learning something, your brain follows a process. First it encodes, meaning it registers the information. For this to happen your brain needs to be exposed to the information a few times. Then it consolidates the information. This is where memorization happens through repetition. Finally, you brain can retrieve information and memories it has safely stored. The learning process, like any other, can always be improved.

Exercise Your Mind

Use your free time in a productive way by stimulating your mind with mental exercises and brain games. Search for phone apps to train your brain or look for games online.

Work Out

After exercising your brain, take some time to do the same for your body. Studies show that people who exercise have a better developed prefrontal and medial temporal cortex, the parts of the brain that control thought and memory.

Mind What You Eat and Sleep

Your diet affects every aspect of your life from what you wear, your mood, and even your ability to learn and memorize. Keep a balanced diet with lots of fruits, veggies, leafy greens, and healthy fats.  Don’t forget to remain hydrated, so keep your water bottle at hand. A dehydrated body performs poorly. Sleep the necessary hours to give your brain time to eliminate toxins, create and consolidate memories, make better decisions, and many other actions.

At School

Save your notes and exams to review them later.  You might want to brush up on your note taking skills. Try to be more organized in everything you do by cleaning your backpack, keeping an agenda, and having your notes in order. Really pay attention in class and ask questions whenever you need to.

Ask Questions When You Go to Tutoring

Tutoring can bring great benefits to your grades. You can learn in a more relaxed environment and probably get more memorization tips. Call The Tutoring Center,Sebring FL at (863) 269-8977 to learn all about their tutoring programs.


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