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Being able to concentrate is necessary to be a great learner. Unfortunately, concentrating doesn't come easily to most children. There are always some things you can do to improve your child's attention span.

Easy Ways to Work on Your Child's Concentration

Is it hard for your child to focus on finishing a task? This can be quite common since most children find it difficult to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. It's completely natural because they are curious and energetic little people. However, they need to focus to be able to finish their assignments at school and complete their chores at home. Here's what you can do to improve their attention span.
  • Change the scenery: For both adults and children alike, a change of scenery can bring positive results. Sometimes we get bored with the same study or work area. Take your child somewhere new to clear their mind so they can return to work full of energy.
  • Find out their learning style: Everyone has a different learning style. Some children might find it harder to focus if the activity does not match their learning style. You can help make the activities easier for them if you know their learning style.
  • Set the timer: Set a time for them to complete their activities. It might help force your child to finish their tasks within the time limits. Be careful though, some children might feel anxious with the added pressure.
  • Sleep: Children find it easier to concentrate after the necessary nine hours of sleep. Establish a daily bedtime routine and stick to it. Lack of sleep can also make children feel tired and grumpy.
  • Incentives: It's always easier to achieve something if you know there's a prize or something to gain at the end. Give your child simple rewards if they complete all their tasks.

Tutoring in Sebring

The reason why your child finds it tough to focus at school might be that they don't understand the material. Tutoring in Sebring can help remedy that problem and improve your child's attention span in the process. Call The Tutoring Center, Sebring FL at (281) 346-8120 to learn about their various tutoring programs.


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