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SMART goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. Are your New Year's goals SMART? 

Set Your Goals Smartly

It's the start of the year, the time when many of us make resolutions and set new goals to better ourselves. Goals should be well thought out and designed. They should be set smartly. Here is what your goals should be like:

All Smart Goals Should Be

Specific: It’s easier to reach a goal if it’s specific. Declaring you want to lose weight or raise your grades isn’t accurate enough. You leave a lot of wiggle room with these general statements. An example of specific intent is, “I will study three times a week to raise my grades in X subject.” Measurable: You need to be able to measure your goals to see if you’ve made any progress. If you want to read more this year, you need to start by deciding on a number of books you will read this year.  Make a list and cross off each book you have completed. Timely: Changes don't happen overnight. You need to have patience and keep your eye on the prize. Don't pressure yourself and set an unrealistic time limit to reach your goals. At the same time, don't slack off and give yourself the whole year to achieve them

Tutoring in Rosenberg to Reach Your Goals

If you set some academic goals and need some extra help to achieve them, start out the year with tutoring classes. Call The Tutoring Center, Sebring FL at (863) 269-8977 to learn all about their tutoring options.


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