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Should your child use calculator to work out their elementary math problems? They can, but if you don't want that to hinder their learning process, this post will tell you how to teach your child to use a calculator effectively.

How to Teach Your Child to Use a Calculator

  1. First, you need to guarantee that your child knows how to do work out basic math problems on their own (from additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions).
  2. If your child requires assistance from tools to do math problems, you can teach them to use a pencil and paper, an abacus, or other similar items, before using a calculator.
  3. It could be helpful to have a conversation with your child regarding the use of the calculator. For example, help them realize they won't always have a calculator to work on their math problems.
  4. If you decide a calculator could be a good idea for your child, then you will need to provide one for them. Even though there are different types of calculators, for now, a standard one would work.
  5. Finally, set some restrictions for the calculator. You can set the rule of only allowing your child to use the calculator once they have worked out the result to a math problem on their own. This, so they can verify they did the work correctly.

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