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We all have them: habits that get in the way with our personal development, with our goals, with what we want to be, and more. From smoking to biting your nails, bad habits are common among students. Still, why it may seem challenging to leave them behind, it absolutely can be done. You just...

A properly-managed planner can do wonders for your academic efforts. To learn how to employ this useful tool during this new school year, read the post below.

How to Manage a Planner for School

  1.  The first step is to find the right planner for your needs: it should be big enough, portable,...

For most students, back-to-school season isn't their favorite. Still, if you're feeling anxiety because of it, read the post below to learn how to overcome it.

How to Ease Back-to-School Nerves

  1. The first tip is to enjoy your summer break to the fullest. Having fun, learning new things,...

Visiting a museum can be a great way to spend a hot summer day with your child, and learn while you're at it. For tips on how to make your day at the museum a great one, continue reading.

How to Visit a Museum with Your Child

  1. For starters, you should give your child the freedom to choose the...

Studying in silence can be boring, tiring, and tedious. Still, while that may be the case, studying with music has its disadvantages, too. Learn what they are with the post below.

Why You Shouldn't Study With Music

It May Distract You

If you've ever debated listening to music when studying, the...

Everybody loves music. Still, should it accompany you while you're studying or doing school work? While there are pros and cons to it, here are some of the benefits you may reap from doing so.

Why You Should Study With Music

It Helps You Keep Going

Studying, doing homework, and focusing for...

Does your child love to draw? Here are a few reasons why you should encourage them to do it more often.

How Drawing Helps Your Child

It Works on Their Creativity

Children are incredibly creative beings that have fresh ideas and a completely new way to see the world. Allow your child to express...

When used correctly, a dictionary can help with vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling, and much more. To make sure that your child can take full advantage of their dictionary, follow the tips below.

How to Use a Dictionary to Learn

  1. The first step in using the dictionary in the most...

Outlining can make writing a quality paper that much easier, since it allows you to visualize how it will turn out before you actually write it out. To create a good outline, follow the tips below.

How to Create an Outline

  1. You can't create an outline, let alone write a paper, if you don't know...

The holiday season can be the perfect time to engage your child in reading and encourage them to become a bookworm. For tips on how you can motivate them to crack a book open, continue reading below.

How to Encourage Your Child to Read Over Winter Break

Read Holiday Stories

For starters,...


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