The Tutoring Center, Sebring, FL

"I like the tutors because they are nice. The game boards are fun and help me win money to buy toys at the toy store. My favorite prizes are the pick-a-cards! I like that we rotate because I get time to breath and stretch when we switch tables. I like the binders because they keep my things nice and organized."
Annabelle N. 5th grade
"Our community certainly needed something like this for our children. Manny does the math enrichment program and he is more confident and a much happier student, which is always what we want as parents. The setting is great for learning and the staff truly cares about their kids...I would encourage anyone with school age children to take advantage of their free diagnostic test. It will open your eyes and help you set forth your child in the right direction!."
Tania C. Urrelys Bobe
"The tutoring center taught my children how to concentrate and my children started making straight A's. The skills that they were taught is priceless!"
Summer Nasim Khan
"The Tutoring Center in Sebring is excellent! The teachers and staff are very knowledgeable and know how to work with students to maximize their potential. I highly recommend the Sebring Tutoring Center."
Sonji Keizs Nicholas
"Love this place and has done wonders for my Skye! Was so pleased with her report card and her class behavior. Thank you for working with her and giving her more confidence and will power to do her best in school! She is now on grade level and she enjoys her time there. "
Shelly Golsby
"Very organized and well run, staff always helpful and kind. Have been attending 2 weeks, and already noticing a difference in academics!."
Elizabeth Wacaster
"This is a very great place for kids and the people that work here are wonderful. Everyone just wants the kids to do their best and excel in their classes. Couldn't have picked a better place for my kid. Thank you to all the staff, they are so helpful."
Rita Johnson
“Words can not describe how happy I am with The Tutoring Center's professional staff, friendly office environment and eager to teach teachers. Highlands County is lucky to have this business right here on Sun'N Lake area. "
Esra Gocray
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"The Tutoring Center is really good, I really like it! My concentration has gotten better and now I am all about reading!" 
Tessannae, 1st Grade 
“The tutoring center helped me improve my math skills a lot and score high on my act. It is the best tutoring center I've ever been to. If I don't understand anything, the teachers will repeat and show me how to do math problems until I completely understand it"
Noel Cyriac, 12th grade
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Dr. Shameema Challa

(863) 269-8977

4325 Sun N Lake Blvd, Suite 100 
Sebring, FL 33872 

Monday - Thursday: 2:30 - 7:30pm
Friday - Sunday: Appointment Only


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